Security Features

The security of your data and account information is extremely important to us. We have both hardware and software protection in place to ensure that nobody has access to your data.


World Class Data Centers

A basic requirement for business continuity is the availability of well-managed datacenter infrastructure in diverse geographic locations. If individual data centers are not properly managed, the most robust application designs may be undermined by gross failures at the infrastructure level. Our platform choice enables us to take advantage of the extensive experience Microsoft has in designing, managing, and securing world-class data centers in diverse locations around the world.

These are the same data centers that run many of the world’s largest online services. These data centers are designed and constructed with stringent levels of physical security and access control, power redundancy and efficiency, environmental control, and recoverability capabilities. The physical facilities have achieved broad industry compliance, including ISO 27001 and SOC / SSAE 16 / SAS 70 Type II and within the United States, FISMA certification.


Physical Security

Our data centers have several layers of protection around our servers.

  • A proximity card and PIN is required just to enter the building
  • Proximity card access & fingerprint scan required to enter the data center
  • Locked cages and cabinets secure all the hardware
  • Video surveillance cameras are monitored constantly
  • Vibration detection devices detect any motion


All sensitive data is stored on servers behind a constantly maintained firewall. There is security built into the operating system preventing outside access, and all major security patches are tested and applied after testing and review. Beyond that, the databases themselves are secured by additional access restrictions, and more sensitive data is also encrypted while at rest within the database as an extra precaution.


SSL Encryption

All software communication between client web browsers and our servers is encrypted using 256 bit SSL encryption. SSL provides a secure connection, allowing you to transmit private data online.


Strict Security Policies

Extensive security policies are in place including:

  • Enforcement of strong passwords
  • Password expiration policy – which corporate account administrators can set
  • Invalid login attempt logging
  • User login logging
  • Separation of duties

Backup Facilities

Your data is constantly mirrored to a redundant backup servers, meaning in the event of any significant failure we can instantly switch to this live backup without any data loss. All our hardware is also fully redundant so even if a disk suddenly dies, nothing will go down and no data will be lost. Further to these measures, all your data is continually backed up to data center in a different geographic region so that in the event of a system-wide disaster, we can perform a full backup recovery.

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