Real-Time Charting Features

Intuitive interactive charts help you visualize your data in real-time. Here are a few examples of available charts:


Closing Probability Chart

This pie chart reflects the probability of loans in the pipeline closing.

For example, you can see that over the past 6 months, there are 4,429 leads that a Loan Officer has assigned a ‘Probability’ of closing.

  • 4.45% have a 100% probability of closing
  • 2.30% have a 90% probability of closing
  • 12.37% have a 50% probability of closing

This information can be of great value to you when analyzing lead sources, forecasting, etc…

(click the image on the right for a larger view)

Online Applications

The number of online applications received over time.

This chart shows that the number of both quick an full applications received has steadily increased each month over the past 3 months heading in to June.

(click the image on the right for a larger view)

In the ‘Online Applications by Day‘ chart you can see that looking at the past 14 day period that most online applications are received during the week with a lower number (dips in chart) of online applications received on weekends.


New Leads Chart

The number of new leads received over time.

Visually displays the number of new leads received:

  • By day over past 7, 14, 30, 90, 180 or 365 days
  • By month over past 1 to 12 months
(click the image on the right for a larger view)

Proposal Delivery Chart

The number and method of proposals being delivered to leads.

Looking at this chart we can see that over the past 3 1/2 months Loan Officers have delivered 2,657 proposals to leads.

April was a busy month with a total of 1,033 proposals being delivered in the following formats:

  • PDF: 746
  • Print: 247
  • Email: 40
(click the image on the right for a larger view)


Apply filters and narrow the data contained in a chart.


Show or hide chart data series.


Charts automatically scale to fit browser window.

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