Lead Management Features

Never touch a spreadsheet again. Loan Proposals is the perfect tool to manage leads for yourself and your entire organization.


Pipeline Management

Our pipeline supports numerous data shaping features, such as end-user multi-column sorting, grouping, filtering, data summary computations, column customization and re-ordering.

Evaluate and manage active opportunities, focus sales efforts, accurately forecast sales and better manage time.

Loan Officers, Managers, Regionals and Executives can use the pipeline management tools to:

  • Identify high priority leads
  • Prioritize their day
  • Determine lead counts & referral sources
  • Manage rate lock expirations
  • Shape data with filtering, grouping & sorting
  • Create & save custom pipeline views
  • Find leads fast

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We provide a beautiful set of dashboard charts allowing you to track performance of your sales and marketing efforts live in real-time.

Loan Officers, Managers, Regionals and Executives can use the dashboards charts to visually view:

  • New lead units and volume
  • Lead types (purchase, refinance, construction)
  • Online applications received
  • Forecasted closings
  • Funded loan units and volume

Customizable charts are also available allowing you to chart data by region, branch or specific user.


Lead Campaigns

Accept leads from lead vendors, web site forms, internal business units, 3rd party’s, etc… and distribute them live in real-time.

Incoming leads can be routed to a distribution list in round robin format or to a queue to await action by a queue member.

Whenever a new lead is received, a lead notification email is automatically sent to the user or queue members receiving the lead.

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Lead Management Rules

Create lead management rules to re-route leads if no action is taken on a lead within a certain amount of time.

For example, if the lead source is ‘Website Application’ and the status is still ‘New’ and 24 hours have elapsed – take the lead away from the user the lead is currently assigned to and route the lead to a queue so another user can grab the lead to work it.

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Distribution Lists

Create a list of users where leads can be routed to and assigned in ‘Round Robin’ format.

Users can belong to more than one lead distribution list. You can even pause leads for specific users until a specific date & time (perfect if someone is out of the office or on vacation).

Each lists also tracks:

  • Total leads each list member has received
  • Date a lead was last assigned to a list member.

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Lead Queues

Create queues which are locations where leads can be routed to await action by a queue member.

Create queues for groups of users to manage a shared workload more efficiently. You can assign as many users to queue as needed. Users can belong to more than one queue.

Specific queue members can be allowed to manage the queue, which grants rights to:

  1. Add or remove users from a queue
  2. Set daily quotas for queue members
  3. Assign rights to queue members

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Lead Sources, Statuses & Marketing Codes

Define your own values which users can choose from when working with leads.

Lead sources – maintain a list of lead sources for users to select from when tracking a leads origin.

Lead statuses – define statuses for users to select from when statusing a lead during the sales cycle.

Marketing codes – define marketing codes to further define or segment a lead source.


Loan Proposals

Create professional loan proposals and deliver them directly to your leads.

Think of our loan proposals as ‘Pre-Good Faith Estimates’ which you can use to communicate 1, 2, 3 or 4 proposal scenarios to a lead.

Each loan proposal can be branded with your company logo and personalized with the users contact information, NMLS ID, user image, etc…

Once a lead is interested in what you have to offer, you can transfer the proposal data directly into your LOS.

Here are a few sample proposals:

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Loan Comparisons

Display up to 4 financing scenarios in side x side format.

LoanProposals.com makes it easy to create multiple proposals in minimum time and display them side x side for a lead to review.


  • Fixed rate loan products -vs- ARM’s
  • FHA -vs- conventional
  • Low down payments -vs- large down payments
  • Mortgage insurance -vs- no mortgage insurance
  • Closing costs -vs- no closing costs

Here are a few sample comparisons:

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Import Leads

Import leads directly to a user, distribution list or queue.

Export Leads

Export pipelines, lead history, notes and entire leads.

Reassign Leads

Reassign leads from one user to another, manually or with rules.

Edit Leads

Edit the status, priority, probability for multiple leads at once.


Proposals can be printed, saved as a PDF or emailed as a PDF to a lead.

Full 1003

A full application is included which you can export in Fannie Mae 3.2 format or Mismo 2.3.1 XML format.

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