Compliance Features

Straightforward compliance functionality and settings so you can rest easy.



The account admin has complete control and the ability to customize any of the disclosure text for:

  • Loan proposals
  • Loan comparisons
  • Open house flyers
  • Online applications

APR Calculations

APR calculations are automatically calculated for both fixed and ARM products and displayed in our proposal documents.

A warning message will be displayed if a user fails to enter any data required to calculate an APR.

We have successfully verified the accuracy our APR calculations against the OCC APR Calculator found on the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency web site located at:

We also offer an APR Analysis report which includes the following data: APR, APR Fees, Amount Financed, Finance Charge, Total Payments and Payment Streams.


Regulatory Compliance

Key phrases and data are included in our proposal documents where required such as:

  • APR may increase after consummation
  • Payment streams – for when rate and payment change over the life of a loan

View our proposal document samples:

Here are a few sample proposals:

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